About Tune In


I’m Gena, and TV used to be my life.

It often lulled me to sleep at night; in fact the only time the television wasn’t on in my home was if no one was there. We were among the first on our block to have cable, often at the expense of our phone bill or other vital services, and I might have been the only kid who eagerly awaited the TV Guide Fall Preview issue. Had I been a malevolent child, I surely would have ended up like the kid in Twilight Zone: the Movie, bending my family to my will with my ability to make everything look like a freakish, horrifying cartoon.

At some point, in my early 20s, I got burned out on television, and all but stopped watching it entirely for a while. I watch a bit now, but not nearly at the same level as before, and I’ve yet to watch any of the recent big hits, like Breaking BadMad Men, etc. I don’t say that with any sort of pride, I simply lack the attention span to follow a TV show for more than a season or two (though American Horror Story: Asylum was a motherfucking pip and a half, wasn’t it?).

Still, reminiscing about old TV is sort of a warm blanket for me, and YouTube has made it possible to fall into that particular rabbit hole and never return again. So join me in a Capri Sun and some Chocodiles, and let’s see what’s on the idiot box, yeah?

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Other websites that do this way better than me: Made for TV Mayhem,Michael’s TV Tray, Kindertrauma, Branded in the 80s. Got any sites to recommend, or want me to add yours here? Leave a comment–all I ask is that it reasonably stick with the theme of pre-90s television/pop culture.


Thanks for watching!



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